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Shanghai art rich turns around set shop of art of " China pottery and porcelain
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Office of organizing committee of 2008 Shanghai artistic exposition was in small auditorium of restaurant of river of Shanghai bright and beautiful to hold a press conference a few days ago, the Hua that organizing committee deputy secretary-general holds office director concurrently to consider introduced series of exposition of 2008 Shanghai artistic exposition and current Shanghai art to exhibit -- , international of “ Shanghai artistic exposition is artistic now the relevant program that extends ” , act, add ” of house of art of “ China pottery and porcelain and the condition of current preparatory job newly this year. Niya of Italian rich collect exhibits Ma Luo of general manager of group international department·Ma Fadi attends the meeting and speech.

As we have learned, 2008 Shanghai artistic exposition advocate exhibit be in Shanghai at will coming 14 days on September 10 world trade store is held, world trade store of 3 buildings hall is this year on the west add ” of house of art of “ China pottery and porcelain newly, this house shows an area nearly 2000 square, set 7 to show extent: Cry with Yue porcelain art gallery, Shanghai too limited company of Ling culture transmission, Shanghai explain 璟 of kiln, Shanghai connects the orgnaization such as artwork company to be joined on invitation exhibit.

” of house of art of “ China pottery and porcelain is home each are big art rich is what artwork of pottery and porcelain establishs first in the meeting only house, this act can promote culture of Chinese traditional pottery and porcelain energetically not only, also be collector of China and foreign countries at the same time people offerred a brand-new world that buy Tibet.

It is reported, elaborate design of course of ” of house of art of “ China pottery and porcelain and pack, use brand-new and special vestee to exhibit, contemporary sex, fashionable sex, nationality is be in harmony an organic whole, one of becoming current Shanghai artistic exposition wonderful edition piece, will be built and appear give brand-new, of bright, bright beautiful ” of “ art Shanghai.

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