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Shanghai artistic moral integrity is announced read extensively project " the ey
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International of Shanghai of the 10th China was announced before artistic festival 5 exhibit greatly, read extensively project. The organizing committee is fine chose 5 postpone an issue greatly, involve each field such as model of musical instrument, building, and joined “ to walk into world rich meeting ” series is exhibited, artistic moral integrity fruit of 10 the year's harvest two exhibit greatly.

“ walks into world rich the form that meeting ” series extends the eye ” with “ world rich invites citizen It is a pleasure to be the first to read an artical or see a film. , alive rich can reveal all items that the center holds to all be opened freely. This one exhibition passes 1:8The model of site of world rich field of 00, country builds characteristic to exhibit an area to wait oneself, the partial content that rich of world of the Shanghai after exhibiting two years meets. In addition, the person that look around is OK still place oneself act of 135 degrees of annulus is fictitious studio, search Bo Zhengui of all previous world to remember. Exhibit besides world rich series, international of exhibition of high-quality goods of Great Master of arts and crafts of the 10th China, Shanghai is artistic fruit of 10 the year's harvest postpones the red-letter day wait for each to exhibit a thing to also come on stage take turns greatly. Outside fruit of 10 the year's harvest exhibits the artistic moral integrity of building of beach new record to show concentration artistic red-letter day Cheng of 10 single-page calendar. Exhibition of international musical instrument and equipment of sound of international major lighting and technical exhibition serve as reservation of artistic moral integrity to postpone an issue, already had walked along Cheng of 6 single-page calendar. Japan rouses Wang Shenbao clear, Micheal of drummer of letter philharmonic society and the bongo hand that come from Hunan people at the appointed time assemble Shanghai.

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