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Person of affection full landscape is in bank
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Currently hold the post ofMr Yang Lijiang of vice-chairman of association of artist of the Gansu Province, it is the artist of traditional Chinese painting that the person that every knows him honors very much. Arrive from great leap forward the Great Cultural Revolution, a lot of Chinese experienced life most the years of affliction, mr Yang Lijiang is opposite him be born to comprehend the artistic creation that blended in oneself with understanding alive in. He goes after a few years hard on artistic road, learn elder, surmount elder, footmark spreads all over the famous mountains and great rivers of the motherland. His enjoyable to traditional art understanding is very deep, be known according to me, the work that Mr Yang Lijiang draws at most is lotus, drawing lotus is him be placed to a kind of life and go after, he often is drawn with Gu Shu by home town the lotus place that Na Yichi gives mud on the side of the courtyard and does not acquire nobleness of character and morals is touched. The lotus thick handwriting or painting that he paints weighs colour, have individual color extremely, in artistic conception, imposing manner, verve a lot of respect reached the mental height of a kind of unprecedented. He is alled over learn the ancients, famous person, overcome the form of the ancients, celebrity again, make oneself artistic language more flexible, have the feature of the times more, visual appeal is more strong. Mr Yang Lijiang often is the landscape draw scene of home town, and have a special liking. The scenery of mountains and rivers-land of his the wording and purpose of what one writes is the assurance of instants of pair of natural sounds of nature. Read such landscape work to walk as oneself Yu Chuntian is wild cross between, in remote mountains of place oneself Yu Baiyun.

The experience with artistic creation long-term need, practice hard and accumulate. Had oneself color, reach certain height even, just be a state. Visual beauty of whole is the marked characteristic of landscape painting of Mr Yang Lijiang, he values the form figuration style of work, notice the organic union of painterly element, give priority to with bone line, the Chinese ink that differs with shade is lubricious, draw the outline of the structure of the grain of hill stone, ridges and peaks, stress visual principal part. Make cloud and mist flows in sea of strange peak forest, apply colours to a drawing gives the state with far broadness, show marvellous spectacle of distinctive mountains and rivers-land.

Traditional Chinese painting serves as a kind of traditional artistic form in, innovate ceaselessly only, ability can have new vitality. September 2007, in the city austral Gansu first walnut section and the 3rd narrow travels on the west during the Cultural Festival, exhibit " essay of Yang Lijiang landscape " it is to be like tide reputably more, these landscape work, there is bold innovation on composition of a picture and colour processing, expressional form interpose is mixed at traditional Chinese painting and western canvas between gouache, make the person shines at the moment, find everything new and fresh. The landscape painting of Mr Yang Lijiang makes image originate landforms of the mountains and rivers-land austral his most familiar Gansu, surmounted nature through accepting or reject reasonably again, withheld the elite of nature, distribution is more equitable, have the distinguishing feature austral Gansu more, below the action of author heart, emersion the divine condition of nature, and the individual character style that the characteristic austral Gansu also became him. The person that is familiar with him goes there no matter, want the picture that is Mr Yang Lijiang only, do not see problem fund aloof can admit.
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