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Zhengzhou of artistic moral integrity of the 10th Asia kicks off
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Asian amorous feelings is glaring green city, chiliad ancient capital is alight. On September 26, the theme is “ harmonious Asia, the artistic moral integrity of the 10th Asia of ” of happy get-together Henan saves Zhengzhou city to kick off grandly in Henan. Liu Yandong of committee member of the Political Bureau of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, State Consul attends an opening ceremony and announce artistic moral integrity to kick off. Zhao Shaohua of Cai Wu of culture ministry minister, undersecretary, the minister of culture of 4 Asias country such as Guo Gengmao of Xu Guangchun of secretary of Henan provincial Party committee, acting governor and Qin Angmin of minister of Burmese culture ministry also attends an opening ceremony.

Cai Wu delivers a speech on the opening ceremony. He says, the Asia is the principal home of human civilization, people of Asian each country is created with its distinctive culture art, made important contribution for the development of world culture. Today's Asia is presenting unprecedented development state, asian each country is in the culture art creative work that conveys human spirit wisdom, also producing mainer and mainer effect. To show new Asian culture form to the whole world, communicate an opportunity to offer more culture to Asian each country, the culture of stimulative China and Asian each country communicates, chinese culture ministry begins to run Asian artistic red-letter day from 1998. Current, asian artistic moral integrity already got the wide attention of Asian each country and support.

Cai Wu points out, culture is the ligament of friendship of people of join each country, it is the bridge that promotional each other believes. Of artistic moral integrity of the 10th Asia hold, be sure to be the communication of promotional China and Asian each country and understanding, prosperous Asia culture, realize the good cause of harmonious Asia to make positive contribution.

On opening ceremony of current Asia artistic moral integrity and literary evening party, the artistic organization that comes from Asian each country is riding 22 flowery festooned vehicle ordinal enter, festively singing and dancing, reveal the artistic elegant demeanour that gives respective state.

In chorus of 4000 colleges student is sung loudly " happy eulogy " , played an opening ceremony the sinfonia of literary evening party, samite of lovely wowan of the Yellow River random thought that appears subsequently, a thousand li, Central Plains, jasmine flower leaves, paean of region of women eulogy, snow board piece, perform with dancing, instrumental music, the form such as singing and dancing, developed the long culture of China China and massiness Central Plains and bright culture.

The level of the first state that since as classics the State Council approval, new China holds water, establishs is regional international art section, asian artistic moral integrity has become stimulative Asia each country art communication, reveal Asian culture the main platform that culture of pithy, rich people lives.
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