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Double edition accept will greet the 11st edge to make meeting and grand meeting
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On September 18, yunnan is saved on the west bulletin of government of autonomous prefecture of Dai nationality of double edition accept, the 11st commerce of border land of double edition accept travels on the west culture of Fair and area of border of Shikoku of the 14th medium, old, remote, peaceful is artistic section and the 12nd another name for Yunnan Province are medium south the nation is artistic section general is in Jing Hong city at will coming 16 days on October 12, at present each preparatory activity and circumstance of the flutter that enrol business go well.

According to introducing, current limit is handed in can set farming medicine of Dai of cure of estate of industry of by-product, tea, travel industry, forestry, Dai, Information Industry, abroad exhibits area and other goods 8 exhibit an area greatly. Ginseng exhibit commodity to basically involve general merchandise of product of product of produce, biology, new and high technology, Electromechanical, home appliance, daily expense, spin dress, ligneous product, travel product and flowers are horticultural etc. Current limit hands in what can get joining exhibiting each country government to support energetically, round ginseng postpones the peaceful business that Thailand Department of Commerce already represented to will organize enterprise of a hunderd schools to comprise. Government of state of double edition accept is returned on the west will invite east allied country home and Japan, Korea is stationed in China 5 country of commercial counsellor and boreal Europe, Russia is stationed in China ambassador when make an on-the-spot investigation inside the city.

Just meet spell of city of double edition accept sponsors art of culture of area of border of Shikoku of medium, old, remote, peaceful on the west this year in section and another name for Yunnan Province south the nation is artistic section. On the west government of state of double edition accept “ a little while two ” are held in the corresponding period, with period the mutual understanding that extends each country culture through joining, close to progress business communicates, form profitable article business to interact. Current limit is handed in can return will rely on Dai nationality of lever column type civilian house and gardens are recreational undertake overall cloth is exhibited, make green can exhibit a place, make exhibit business to be able to develop trade activity in the favorable environment of gardens court type.

On the west Dao Linyin of governor of state of double edition accept says, on the west landscape of double edition accept and Laos, Burmese two countries is linked together, border with Thailand, territory boundary is as long as 966. 3 kilometer, size is linked together outside 60 many passageways and condition, own port of 4 states level. This year, china of highway of Kun Manguo border paragraph all fronts be open to traffic, corridor of economy of second area north and south is building big Mekong actively in, double edition accept will fill minute of play on the west its area advantage, begin collaboration with circumjacent country further, asia-Pacific of implementation “ base oneself upon, liven circumjacent, open south the door, target that moves toward South Asia ” .
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