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The 5th China (Changzhou) international moves free art week to ring down the cur
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By a definite date 2008 China of 8 days (Changzhou) international moves free art week and exposition, will ring down the curtain satisfactorily field in China dinosaur on October 5.

Current and artistic Zhou Jingwen changes a ministry to approve and support, communicate provincial Party committee of center, Jiangsu to publicize ministry, Jiangsu to save culture hall, Jiangsu to save government of broadcasting television bureau and Changzhou city people to be sponsorred jointly by culture of culture ministry China and foreign countries. Held China in all (Changzhou) international moves exposition of free art week, China International to move free work match, China International free industry and artistic forum, move free product property right to trade negotiate meeting, China and foreign countries is outstanding move free film to exhibit mirror, China achieves animation work originality to collect formerly.

This year is not to have stannic city to hold international the 5th year to move free art week continuously, current and artistic week and before 4 photographs are compared, 3 marked characteristics have on train of thought running a red-letter day: It is to be paid attention to more above all breed market main body, tourist attraction of travel of national 4A stage -- China dinosaur becomes artistic week exposition first field undertake unit, partial characteristic exhibits a house to will stay all the year round after exhibiting meeting end halt, make artistic Zhou Cheng is what never ring down the curtain to move free industry exposition. It is next more those who reflect artistic week is professional, advocate place A house serves as move free property right to trade negotiated professional place, be restricted only honored guest and industry delegate undertake freedom negotiates here, execute activity partition first, came true to conform with international truly. The 3rd be more reveal industrial property, mutual come from the United States, flower, the company comes the inside and outside of nearly 200 family circumstances of 10 countries such as law, Spain, Hong Kong and area constant, trade into copyright of luggage draw together, move free project investment and collaboration, product to sell, the collaboration of 5 kinds of big 40 many projects such as development of produce of the bag outside the service, develop and accredit negotiates.

Changzhou international moves free art week, becoming the whole nation to use a when overflow a bound classical grand meeting, become advance the course of a country that changes free estate development, internationally communication platform. Current and artistic Zhou Jin is overflowed closely with moving around “ for intermediary, communication cooperates; Capital attraction, breed the tenet of industrial ” , obtained positive result of plentiful and substantial.

The place of exposition of current and artistic week and audience dimensions start calendar year most. Be in harmony of as dinosaurian as China garden exhibits a house for 8 of an organic whole, exhibition area exceeds 10000 square metre, can accommodate 500 many standards to exhibit, exhibition content basically includes: Orgnaization of domestic and international famous animation is revealed, use free movie and TV piece program copyright trades, move cartoon work to reveal, move free number game and film to reveal, of all kinds move free number to derive a product to reveal be on sale. Exhibit during the meeting, china dinosaur welcomes audience and visitor in all field 210 thousand person-time.
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