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Make little joke artistic move toward the world from here
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On September 21, be in 2008 China bank city·Rich promotes Dong Yongwen to change opening ceremony of artistic moral integrity to go up, the reporter saw Chinese opera is contemporary lady of glad of Yao of show seminar chairman, right she with respect to the 5th China (rich is promoted) of section of little joke art hold reached little joke art to undertake interviewing to the problem such as the influence of opera bound.

Reporter: Current section of little joke art and go to a photograph of little joke knot than, do you think the biggest different where?

Yao Xin: The progress that if say the success of knot of before a few little joke is held is,gives little joke built capacious arena, so current section of little joke art let little joke move toward broad masses namely. Little joke is a kind of artistic form in arising to live daily at masses, contain rich life color and flavor, yu Qun of its take root is numerous, it is the true portraiture that production of masses of reflective each district lives. If compare little joke adult fish, so broad masses is the “ water ” that little joke Lai Yisheng puts. Current the “ that the means that little joke knot will poll jointly through audience and expert produces appropriate country and basic level show is optimal recommend ” of a list of plays, also made clear this kind of “ to still make fun of just about at civilian the opera culture of ” develops way, the little joke that lets each district truly moves toward vast rural area, thorough masses.

Reporter: You are engaged in an opera studying the job is old, in bound of our country opera long negative great reputation, ask you to talk about section of little joke art to be opposite the influence of opera bound?

Yao Xin: The development state of affairs of partial place opera nots allow now hopeful, the local opera that has a few even because succeed unmanned and be close to eradicating. A when create these problems main reason innovates namely consciousness is mixed not by force the desalt that develops consciousness. The opera worker of a few places is met only “ hackneyed theme sings ” newly, ignored is created to purpose of new theatrical work, the artistic form that causes these to having rich place distinguishing feature lost vitality and competition ability gradually today in what culture art lets a hundred flowers blossom. If say the audience is to sample the person of drama culture, so Thespian worker cooks the person of big eat namely. And what section of art of these a few little joke takes pair of traditional a list of plays seriously very much is successive the creation with new a list of plays, see these taking part in the match a list of plays, it is a list of plays of new creative work and treatment mostly, the life of masses of press close to, of common people of press close to actual, feel with what find everything new and fresh to the person, this also develops to the opera culture of each district is a huge drive and lash, the worker of little joke art that urges each district innovates ceaselessly, reform and development.
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