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Eat a turnip to sweep dirty stuff of clean intestines and stomach more (graph)
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Modern research makes clear: The turnip contains dextrose, cane sugar, fructose, double catenary ribonucleic acid reachs a variety of vitamins, microelement, can regular ground makes bowel is in charge of peristalsis of tensity heighten, bowel to increase, shorten food is put in what bowel take time, benefit reachs the eduction of trash at food metabolization, need not be on a diet and achieve the effect that be on a diet.

Turnip place contains quantity of heat less, cellulose is more, easy generation is full after eating bilge feeling, these conduce to reduce weight. The turnip still can prevent the happening of the disease such as gall-stone. Especially double catenary oneself of can revulsive human body produces ribonucleic acid interferon, increase airframe immunity power, this is having important sense to preventing the happening of the disease such as cancer. Visible, eating a turnip is with one action is gotten more really.

As to have a way, feed in order to be born optimal, but cold and dressed with sause, can dip in sauce, can machine pickle, also can eat as the fruit.

If can hold to every eat to eat 50~100 to overcome unripe turnip, the benefit that gets expect to be less than.

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