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Oriental food is popular in the beauty (graph)
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Maigre net dispatch occupies Chinese buddhism the United States " world daily " report, "Panda snack " legend arouses poineering courage of foreign citizen of Chinese origin, the California austral the United States is more and more China endowment meal and food industry person begin to extend antenna to mainstream area.

In south add stay 23 years always add up to abundant, ba Shadi also marchs before the month that is old city, branch Bird Pick leaves to pull much highway and DeLacey corner in the most lively division collect, with hundred years gem old store Tiffany became neighbour.

"Foreigner won't eat the dried food that join fine and soft, but never reject to drink tea " , from the baton receives in old hand Weng Jiadi in father old man old man of 2 acting daughters is like orchid, change to always combine the management tradition of abundant tradition, about a hundred kinds of tea comes from Chinese famous mountains and great rivers entirely. Divide tea, storefront is ancient tea of running water of sweet patina, chute, log, the tea that passes specialized training art member, have grumous Chinese distinguishing feature.

The guest is had a plenty of the first time call at sb's house, some is attracted via friend introduction, also have the foreigner that has been to chinese mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, go up in this bubble on the weekend afternoon, nostalgic China.

Come from the Zhe Caolin of meal course of study of Beijing, was to buy Shengmalinuo first before New Year more the Colonial Kitchen on Hang Tingdu highway, the summer buys the Caffe Opera that cheats Luo Weiya old city again this year, the business is done more more big, more and more " white " .

"Idea of the life that do ocean is the mainest is the yellow face that lets them approbate you " , cao Lin 20 when landing the United States before New Year more, begin to learn Western-style food, station management arrived once upon a time tiring-room kitchen is an ace, but the yellow face that cannot change or " frighten " many conservative guests.

The Cao Lin that singles fights alone must manage from beginning to end " foreigner army group " , caffe Opera still bustling. Antenna is extended to mainstream area, with one one's heart of cost of it may be said thinks of bosses of Chinese meal food each shows special prowess. In A Han cloth pulls valley highway He Luolan ridge everyday the phoenix city cate that the client is filled with the door, open the branch in recent years south Ba Shadi is mixed then Yakaidiya.

"Drink the foreigner of tea of ice glacial water only, begin to liked to go up now ice of sago dew, parfait, ormosia, the proprietress says, a few years short, according to legend of ear of mouth of Chinese food good name, "Nowadays half guest is old beauty, we also cannot think of! We also cannot think of!!

Healthy cate fame, let Oriental food be popular in the United States, more and more American admits, oriental food not only healthy, delicate, and culture.
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