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The Mid-autumn Festival can be admired, place, play
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Annual the Mid-autumn Festival, a lot of people are to buy a few moon cake to be celebrated a festival. Actually, the Mid-autumn Festival has a lot of wonderful consuetudinary and worth while advocate. Folk-custom expert king makes barge-pole think, follow tradition needs to be in inheritance with when all is entered.

The Mid-autumn Festival is the festival of congratulatory bumper harvest, nature is little not fruity is put. Wang Zunji is raised to everybody action say, chestnut and persimmon can be placed together, the name says " the benefit prosperity at the businessman " ; Scatter a longan, meaning be in " expensive in reunion " ; The boy far away from home of distance cannot come home, place lotus root, meaning analogy " apparently severed " .

Play a month, wang Zunji says cent " civil play " and " fierce plays " . Alleged " civil play " enjoy the glorious full moon namely, in ancient time, enjoy the glorious full moon mid-autumn little not recite poems a picture, very may much now person lacks the ability of such, ramble the lamp is exhibited, guessing riddles written on lanterns also is right choice. Play as to fierce, "We can see moon cast the shadow in surface in one's childhood to lakefront, suburb, glad, cobble of meeting pick up throw, wave letting water spreads. Some children can chase after a moon to exert all one's strength run, just do not chase after forever on moon. "

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