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Eat a jujube to contain 10 minutes jujube nucleus
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Arrived again the season with big mature jujube, have the profit in filling gas, raise blood to calm the nerves the big jujube of action became table to go up " frequenter " . However when general friends are taking a jujube, after eating jujube meat, spit jujube nucleus instantly, some friends are flat and direct buy the jujube that do not have a nucleus. This kind ate a law to develop the benefiting function of jujube flesh merely, fail to use jujube nucleus however " promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid " function.

Be in early 400 old before, li Shizhen is advocated " Chang Hanzao nucleus makes a travel body fluid, the beautiful of pharynx " method of preserve one's health. Practice proves to after eating a jujube, contain jujube nucleus in the mouth, have effect of stimulative saliva excretive. Modern research makes clear to be contained in saliva a variety of enzymatic kind, have side aid digestion and the function that enhance airframe immunity power. Fluid of the pharynx that swallow ferry is the method of preserve one's health of praise highly of home of past dynasties preserve one's health, hold to an exercise, can alleviate the mouth does thirsty, skin the symptom such as dry, constipation, still can rise to raise colour action. For frail to taste senile friend, but moist stomach bowel, promote digest.

As the arrival of autumn, people is perplexed very easily by autumn dry, expression exports the symptom of the autumn dry such as haemorrhage of dry, constipation, nose, hold to what autumn dry brings to swallow regimen of ferry pharynx fluid to alleviate on certain level a variety of unwell.

So, after eating jujube meat, fasten rapid move to say a nucleus, contain jujube nucleus in the mouth 10, 15 minutes, flip through ceaselessly with the tip of the tongue, the body fluid in needing an opening relatively a long time, swallow slowly, repeat afore-mentioned acts again next, notice do not nucleus of along with jujube a get down. Children and the person that have deglutition function obstacle are unfavorable use this method. Folk has " jujube beneficial is lienal and caustic ages " view, content of jujube candy cent is higher, go against dental health, accordingly, the patient that has decayed tooth shoulds not be long the nucleus that contain a jujube, even if the person of dental health, seasonable gargle answers after the nucleus that contain a jujube, at some convenience, best can brush his teeth.

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