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Prevent cancer cabbage patch violet fight cabbage patch decline (graph)
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Mix cabbage patch violet cabbage patch, it is the vegetable that daily people loves to eat, and people also is met interrogative, the course with consistent, different color has these two kinds of look after all what distinction. How is we will listen to an expert analysed.

Cabbage patch, also be called ball wild cabbage, alias cabbage, belong to the mutation of wild cabbage. In the optimal food that World Health Organization recommends, cabbage is ranked the 3rd. Cabbage nutrition is quite rich, contain many vitamin C, cellulose and carbohydrate and all sorts of mineral, eat cabbage to have the effect that prevent cancer more. Fresh juice can treat cabbage stomach and 12 point to ulcer, have acetanilide reach stimulative heal action. Violet also call violet wild cabbage cabbage patch, blade is amaranthine, face of blade has candle white, foliaceous ball intimate circle. Nutrition is rich, contain rich vitamin C and vitamin E and B especially a group of things with common features.

The different breed of both and congeneric wild cabbage, on nutrient composition, cabbage and violet wild cabbage do not have too big difference, but to cabbage, violet wild cabbage still contains rich cyanine element, it is a kind of strong antioxidant, it can protect human body to avoid the loss that suffers freedom radical, have the effect that combats consenescence. Still can enhance hemal flexibility, restrain inflammation and allergy, improve articulatory flexibility. In addition, violet wild cabbage has special aroma and local color, can boil, fry feed, cold and dressed with sause or make pickle wait, because contain rich pigment, it is to mix the good raw material of salad or Western-style food match colors. When fry or boiling violet wild cabbage, before the operation, add a few white vinegar, otherwise, classics Hei Zi can turn into color after heating. And cabbage is comfortable at frying, boil in water for a while, can do boiling water together with tomato, also can make stuffing heart. Cabbage can restrain cancer cell, the cabbage that normally the autumn cultivates is restrained rate is higher, because the cabbage of this autumn winter period is OK,eat more. When buying, should not be much, lest put aside a few day hind, reduce nutrient ingredient.

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