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Tea is drunk to be equal to instantly after having a meal drink bane
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More tannic acid and tea are contained in tea alkaline.

After tannic acid enters gastric bowel to, can restrain the exudation of gastric juice and alvine fluid, and gastric juice and alvine fluid are digestive food place is indispensable; Tannic acid returns the protein in the food such as meeting and bean products, dairy produce to produce caky effect, form not easy by coagulative of albumen of digestive tannic acid. Eating protein is more, drunk tea is stronger, this one case is more severe.

Many tannic acid has more powerful stimulative effect to gastric mucous membrane, can cause gastric function wrong, bring about indigestion, return mucous membrane of path of can exciting bowel, thereby way of block up bowel is simple to nurture absorb. In addition, the tea in tea is alkaline have the effect that restrains small intestine to absorb iron.

The experiment according to the scientist proves, meal hind is drinkable the boiled water of strong bubble of 15 grams tea, can make the uptake of the iron in food is reduced 50% .

Because took a fancy to a cup of tea service after the meal to influential human body is digested and absorb the effect of food nutrition,some people are, just regarding it as so is the effective method of a kind of hairdressing reducing weight. But this also has the possibility that causes gastric bowel function to break harmonic hidebound evil consequence.

We often still can see some people drink the habit of a cup of tea each after anteprandial, meal.

Anteprandial drink tea not only with tea is drunk after the meal, path of bowel of meeting influence stomach is digested to alimental absorb, and because tea party stimulates the gustatory cell in oral cavity, make gustatory desalt, reduce salivary exudation, make thereby subsequently dietary few flavour. (draft source: Hunan is red net)

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