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Is honey comparing saccharic fortunately where?
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Honey and saccharic it is us the common sweet taste agent in daily life. Honey although price comparing is saccharic tall, but function of nutrient health care also is compared saccharic and ambitious. Eat honey to have a lot of advantages than taking candy:

1, the person that often has sugar can make the tooth is damaged, and the person that has honey not only nondestructive tooth, and the effect that still has antiseptic disinfection to oral cavity. One kind is contained in honey enzymatic, it can produce water of a kind of oxidation -- one kind restrains the bases that damages tooth and the bacterial activity that cause dental caries.

2, honey is digested more easily than sucrose and absorb, the bases of honey is facilitating human body of dextrose and fructose, odd saccharide is absorbed directly, still can have in honey what come from apian enteron in great quantities is enzymatic kind of material, if amylase is mixed,change enzymatic, can help human body digest the nutrient composition in absorbing honey, the person that because this offset influences ability,young old people and baby and disease just healed eats honey to be able to obtain rich nutrition. Additional of honey contain quantity of heat very tall, because the person of this big to physical labor intensity or violent campaign has,be reduced very quickly and remove fatigue effect.

3, fructose won't turn surplus sugar into adipose saving to be inside body, bring about fat, this is the characteristic with commendable honey, like sweetmeat to fear again more the good news of the lady of get fat.

4, honey contains protein, can increase human body nutrition not only, and cannot digest when the cheese in infantile edible milk when absorbing, it is important that honey becomes infantile alimental origin, be opposite so the baby of artificial lactation, replace sucrose to be in with honey digest go up with nutrition very advantageous.

5, honey is contained mediumly mineral although the amount is not much, but indispensable to human body, especially with the baby more important, take feed honey to be able to get complemental.

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