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These medicaments are unsuited send with water take (graph)
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Human body of maigre net dispatch leaves Chinese buddhism not boiled water, when taking certain drug more from not boiled water, because right now drinking water is the need that gets used to physiology not just, conduce to however healthy and medication the effect.

Generally speaking, taking sick at heart of smooth asthma drug, double phosphine salt, fight stone of gouty medicine, micturition glucoside of medicine, sulphanilamide medicine, amino candy kind when the medicaments such as antibiotic, should drink water more.

But, not be all medicine when taking, need to drink water more. Some medicaments have effect kind specially because of its, water cannot be drunk more not only when taking, cannot drink water even, can reduce medical effect otherwise, lose remedial effect. When these medicaments take below, should not be much drink water:

  Gastric medicine

The medicaments of certain treatment gastric ulcer, this kind of medicaments is made more mix hang an agent, countless indiscerptible turn into petty grain after entering a stomach, enclothe the gastric mucous membrane in damage to go up like powder, ability avoids such gastric mucous membrane to be eroded at hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, grow new organization slowly, restore its are original function. When taking this kind of medicaments, if drink water to be met instead more attenuant content, make enclothe the medicaments grain on damage stomach mucous membrane to decrease, diaphragm attenuates, lose remedial effect thereby. And, take second half of this kind of medicine water also is not drunk inside the hour, because water is drunk in great quantities inside short time, same meeting develops the diaphragm that just forms, make damage stomach mucous membrane is exposed afresh in mordant hydrochloric acid in gastric juice.

  Relieve a cough medicine

Relieve a cough commonly syrup medicaments is stickier stiff, meeting adhere is in the medicaments after taking pharynx ministry, immediate effect at pathological changes place, remove diminish inflammation to relieve a cough thereby action. If had drunk much water, can develop the active ingredient of pharynx ministry medicaments, make local medicaments chroma is reduced, affect medical effect play. If feel the mouth works, answer to drink water again after taking drug half hours.

Acrid peptic

Use its like Ding of rough gentian of medicine made of two or more ingredients acrid, pass the gustatory receptor of the tongue, stimulative gastric juice of reflection sex ground is secreted stomachic, reason is unfavorable drink water more, lest diluent and acrid and influence drug effect.

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