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Midautumn is nourishing eat health of embellish giving water (graph)
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Chinese buddhism is maigre the autumn with net dry dispatch already came, do not pay attention to only buy costly cosmetic to maintain oneself, want actually complexion is ruddy and good, healthy, from inside and the take good care of sb outside just is the most important. Delicious moist syrup of nutrition, can let you eat Yue Meili more, by inside and the glorious outside takes a person.

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, preserve one's health must want to notice day person is corresponding, get used to the change of seasonal climate, the evil outside avoiding encroachs Caibuyisheng disease, consenescence. Of the autumn advocate gas is " dry " , dry evil encroachs human body to be able to appear a series of dry symptoms, be like skin chap, hair not flourish, pharynx is buccal doing, bazoo doing, dry, the tongue works little ferry, little sweat, dry cough is not had phlegmy or little phlegmy. The female wants to raise Yan Meirong, should enhance the physiology function of internal organs of the body above all, such ability make appearance does not decline.

Also should complement more appropriately additionally a few moisture, drink water of a few soup more. The skin of OK and moist woman mixes the Shang Shui of distinct benefit splanchnic, reduce the dry evil harm to human body. Accordingly, the dietary Ying Yiqing of autumn is weak give priority to, beautiful soup, syrup remains before last choosing.

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