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Tie-in what does kelp suit to eat most?
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   Kelp matchs wax gourd

Kelp contains calcic, phosphor, iron, vitamin the nutriment such as B a group of things with common features, fight cancer to have dietotherapy effect to bowel of diuresis detumescence, embellish. Wax gourd follows the food that congeneric summer Qing Dynasty heats up solution heat like kelp, these two kinds of food match together, not only can disappear heat, still conduce to reduce weight thin body.

Kelp and wax gourd suit to do boiling water most, if like to eat broad bean, still can add in soup a bit, crude fibre etc is contained a lot ofin horsebean effective nutrition composition, the result that can yield soup to taste a help to reduce weight is stronger.

Bean curd matchs kelp

The black horn glucoside in bean curd can be restrained adipose absorb, prevent arteriosclerosis oxidize to arise character too. But, black horn glucoside can cause the shortage of airframe iodine, and the iodine that human body contains a lot ofto need in kelp (kelp of every 100 grams contains iodine 24 grams) . Because kelp contains iodine much, also can cause strumous big, both is fed together, the black horn glucoside in letting bean curd is excreted more a bit, can make iodic element is in balance position inside body.

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