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The attention does not add oil between rice, lest increase additional energy, fat of the blood after also avoiding food lifts morely. Accordingly, fry a meal to had better eat less, perhaps mix with the dish that contains oil meal, also ought to avoid as far as possible. Additional, do not join salt, soy and gourmet powder between rice as far as possible, avoid to increase additional salinity, go against control blood pressure and accident of precautionary heart and vessels otherwise.

Those who need an explanation is, join vinegar, using the laver wrap up, intermediate method that adds greengrocery accord with delicate principle. Acetic itself can reduce blood sugar to react, can help control blood grease. Want to had not eaten salty cooked food at the same time only, laver meal coils is the staple food that suits chronic person edible quite.


Thick reduce meal of rice of essence of life as far as possible namely, their blood sugar reaction is exorbitant, to controlling blood sugar and hematic fat all very adverse. Eat only enough much fiber, ability lowers the digestive rate of rice effectively, can be at the same time in alvine path adsorptive cholesterol and adipose, rise to reduce the effect of the blood sugar after eat and hematic fat. The rice with particularly high value of health care of a few nutrition, wait like unpolished rice, black rice, plumule rice, though healthful, but have 100 percent coarse rice everyday, feel unwell on mouthfeel, hold to for a long time hard. Accordingly, might as well when cook with the part " thick " grain and rice collaboration, mouthfeel can be compared recipient. Best first " thick " raw material is put in the bubble in water overnight, so that boil when with rice at the same time ripe.


When congee of cook rice rice, had better not use onefold rice, however rice, coarse food grain, bean, nut boil together together. E.g. , ormosia rice meal, earthnut is oaten rice congee, suit the rice of chronic person to feed very much namely. Join these food material, increased B a group of things with common features on one hand vitamin and mineral, still can have the effect with protein complementary nutrition on the other hand.


Content of rice meal vitamin is very low, if choose the rice of coloured, cooperate rice with other provision, let rice become multicoloured, can improve its nutrition value greatly. E.g. , the jade grain of rice of the carrot of red of the pea that green joins when cooking, orange, yellow closes suitably, already beautiful, offerred again vitamin and kind carotene refuses oxidation class status, special the consenescence that is helpful for preventing an eye. For example, choice violet rice, black rice, red rice and rice collocation edible, also can offer many cyanine element kind refuse oxidation class status, the help prevents cardiovascular disease.
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