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Entrepreneurship: Venture into a Buddhist household goods store a good project
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Stores open a Buddhist, is pioneering the development of the field as the most powerful in recent years venture! Mysterious and profound knowledge of the Chinese nation and closely linked to modern life, Buddhism and Taoism through the sale of their goods store, making money for himself, but also for the people around them to create a good spiritual support, many entrepreneurs have become eager to try the best venture! If, after the opening ceremony of the glass, gold, silver, amber, coral, crystal, clam, red carnelian, beads, incense, sandalwood, jade, stone, wax, red sandalwood, green sandalwood, ivory, mahogany and other Zodiac materials, statues, unicorn, brave hanging items, such as modeling, pendant, rings, bracelets, Shouzhu, beads and other jewelry, and various of Jushi, mobile phone accessories, home accessories, couple jewelry, ethnic jewelry, etc. thousands of varieties of Buddhist supplies; operators can build their own needs to the manufacturers of various products and also directly from primary sources at getting goods businesses, additional costs can be minimized, profit is absolutely huge. Buddhist stores can operate: First, prayer reminder financial products categories: Buddha appliance: statues, prayer beads, Buddha lamp, Buddha incense, incense burners, candle holders, fruit trays and vases, musical instruments, embroidery, etc.; Buddhism in their jewelry: a variety of the opening of Jushi, mobile phone accessories, home accessories, couple jewelry, ethnic jewelry, etc.; Taoist supplies: Bagua Dao, Longquan Jian, Tao Mujian, Foo, curse mark, etc.; Book supplies: compass, gossip, coins Results, etc.; Zodiac Products: zodiac amulets and other ornaments, and peace; Prayer reminder Finance: gold ingots, gold pig, toad, brave, evil spirits, unicorns, a bucket of gold, wishful, cornucopia, Taishan stone; Folklore Products: world, of all customs and folk habits and other supplies; Festive supplies: Festive candles, wedding invitations, Chinese knot, wedding series, festive ornaments, festive ornaments and so on. Second, activity guide categories: Temple decoration: stores, high-income earners and more accepted in the shop or home layout temple, pray for financial security and peace, we will explain the program requirements in accordance with the master, you can also set the line for your advice, income is considerable. Feng Shui blessing services: new store openings, family celebration, construction started, the cemetery site selection, promotion, celebration, etc., service coupled with product sales, fees and charges will be more substantial.

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