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Open yuan of temple 3 an arch over a gateway are reparative finish
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Dispatch of network of Chinese Buddhist news is located in cultural relic of key of the Buddhist name Buddhist templeput on the brakes that deciding a county, whole nation to protect an unit to open yuan of temple to pass construction of half an year, the 3 an arch over a gateway before temple door are reparative already end, fall in October to heroic posture of common people emersion.

According to deciding prefectural cultural relic Xiao Yonghui of tourism bureau deputy director general introduces, open yuan of temple only then build Yu Dong Wei Xing mixes 2 years (540 years) , the building of period of fane at the height of power and splendour has hall of king of 3 an arch over a gateway, day, Wei Tuo hall of boat of the hall, belfry, tower that need cover, law. As years elapse, bad collapse of the partial building such as 3 an arch over a gateway or decadent or disappear danger, put the day of Wang Dian, tower that need cover, belfry and relics of law boat hall only now.

3 an arch over a gateway are located in yuan of temple forehead formerly, build at Tang Ru meaning first year, floor is broad 5, enter deep two, chan Yan rests the summit, brim column, center pillar all pledges for stone, stone is applied to pledge pen specified number joins each other only between column and column.

Open yuan of temple 3 an arch over a gateway are this temple discrepancy needs the crossing of classics. Big wood of qualitative dougong of the Shi Mu on original stone column, Liang Fang and rafter fly etc, with material bulky. Whole build magnificent bold and unconstrained, reflected the structure style that fills Tang Shi period adequately. New China establishs around, bad collapse of decadent of 3 an arch over a gateway, incomplete breaks stone column messy in the temple. 1980, deciding prefectural cultural relic to keep Shiyun of place general incomplete is saved to Long Xingsi, in July 1992, incomplete stone joining together, get stone column specified number of 12 root, pen one.

To protect cultural relic place of historic interest further, restore scene of yuan of temple flourishing age, in April 2008, rehabilitate of 3 an arch over a gateway is versed in Cheng is started formally, the cultural relic that does not change ” of cultural relic original state according to “ is reparative principle, undertake the column Fang that still puts sticking receiving, fill match, consolidate, establish Yu Yuan location again, project this year September complete, the middle ten days of a month will be opened to the tourist in October.

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