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Hong Kong Zhao Zuzong is deciding Zu Ken of hold a memorial ceremony for of Zhao
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Dispatch of network of Chinese Buddhist news yesterday morning, the Zhao Zuzong that comes from Hong Kong kisses a 30 more than person, will to Gu Cheng deciding hold a memorial ceremony for to do obeisance to consecrate to resemble in the Zhao Zilong in Zhao Yun Miao, the relevant personnel that saves seminar of Zhao Zilong culture with Heibei had have an informal discussion.

” of “ Dong, Dong, Dong, yesterday morning 11 when 45 minutes, deciding Zhao Zuzong to beat the triumphant drum inside noisy Zhao Yun Miao on behalf of Zhao Shouxin in person, earnestly of ancestor of hold a memorial ceremony for kisses an activity to begin formally. Heibei saves funeral oration of read out of Zhao Dun of director of seminar of Zhao Zilong culture, jing Yun of officiant person Zhao leads delegacy member to resembled undertaking hold a memorial ceremony for is done obeisance to to Zhao Zilong.

Hong Kong Zhao ancestor Zhao Jingyun tells director of close total conference the reporter, this Hong Kong Zhao Zuzong always meets a 33 people to return mainland earnestly to kiss in person, went early or late and other places of Dan of Gong Yi, Feng Qiu, Han, will deciding Bai Xianzu of hold a memorial ceremony for subsequently.

Hong Kong Zhao Zuzong chooses to deciding ancestor of hold a memorial ceremony for in person, with deciding exert oneself to make child dragon culture does not have nothing to do is. Historian Chen Shou makes up " annals of the Three Kingdoms " roll · Zhao Yun of book of 36 “ Sichuan passes ” to write: Word of “ Zhao cloud child dragon, the root of antipyretic dichroa decides a person really also. The calling card of the first piece of city that ” is deciding Gu Cheng is “ the Three Kingdoms child ” of dragon native place. Be surely make child dragon culture, the square of culture of ancient city center that built 2007, lie between Lu Xiangwang with governmental building, name for child dragon square. Square center is standing tall and upright the building of sex of ancient city sign, Zhao Zilong statue that is as high as 9.9 meters. Gu Cheng is street name have road of the root of antipyretic dichroa, Chang Sheng alley of Yun Lu of street, Zhao, Chang Sheng. The root of antipyretic dichroa of county center has Zhao Zilong to grow slope slope to save fool stone to resemble inside the park. Child dragon war drum (war drum of the root of antipyretic dichroa) this year in Feburary by culture ministry fair show for national level immaterial culture bequest.

1996, deciding prefectural government to invest many yuan 400 to in quiet day Zhao Yun Miao rebuilds again on relics of temple of cloud of the Zhao between light-year, opened to the outside world on April 13, 1997. This temple covers an area of 12 mus, total floor area 1500 square metre, use copy Mingqing classic building construction

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