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2 king temple sits on coast body
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Dispatch of network of Chinese Buddhist news ancient building of 2 king temple group be located in on a huge coast system! This year in August, bureau of national cultural relic entrusts academy of Liaoning coloured exploration to be opposite Jiang Yan ancient building of 2 king temple group around undertook geological exploration, already reached a few days ago exploration result. According to exploration report, ancient building of 2 king temple group be located in on a huge coast system, this coast body length makes an appointment with 160 meters, 110 meters wide reach 160 meters, the biggest ply is coast body 30 meters, average ply 15 meters, total volume makes an appointment with 300 thousand stere.

The very lucky in “ misfortune! This coast body is done not have in the earthquake by ‘ activation ’ . ” is occupied Fan Tayu of deputy director general of bureau of cultural relic of river lasher city introduces, the coast body with 2 king located temple is in “5·12” did not appear in especially big earthquake coast, base area pledges exploration reports, this coast body still is compared at present firm, won't appear big coast; But shallow-layer of its the earth's surface appeared a few become loose, a few protected the slope area with bank and larger gradient to appear to break down collapse.

Because 2 king temple is ancient,build value of group of great historical cultural relic, 2 king temple will not different ground rebuilds. “ finishs the former address of pair of 2 king temple to rebuild to assure high level land, and nip in the bud, the whole coast body with 2 king located temple must want pass consolidate. ” Fan Tayu says, undertake to coast body consolidate is project of a system, besides the hole can be drilled on coast body, irrigate build ferroconcrete pillar firm coast body, OK still pair of coast body such as build retaining wall undertake fixed. In addition, the processing of coast body surface water, afforest also will be opposite the it is particular to rise firm function of coast body. The end of this month, specific consolidate plan comes down certainly with respect to hopeful. Once plan is affirmatory, to the consolidate of coast body the job spreads out immediately. (draft source: Chengdu business signs up for)

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