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Cultural Festival only appoints Shenzhen buddhism with water
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Dispatch of network of Chinese Buddhist news a few days ago, in “ on ” of Cultural Festival of first Shenzhen buddhism, huang Guo cultivates natural spring to appoint drinking water to appear on Yu Nayue as only temple of law of great of famous cloister —— .

According to introducing, “ ” of Cultural Festival of first Shenzhen buddhism is by Chinese buddhism association, Guangdong saves buddhism of city of Buddhist association, Shenzhen association sponsor.

Sponsor square relevant controller to express, round “ predestined relationship is healthy and Huasenji is unripe, depend on health and stand, the business purpose of for health travel ” and water of “ be apt to are the United States, water be apt to helps the concept of person ” , it is with Buddhist fitness civilian the concept is complete shirt-sleeve. And pure and fresh and natural Huang Guo plants natural spring, with the belief be exactly the same of the kosher, nature of Buddhist believe in, simple but elegant. It is reported, tree of the Huang Guo before this already was handed in high to meet by team of Chinese country tennis, “ the organization of many national sports such as ” , culture organization is appointed for only one drinking water

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