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Chiliad iron case takes treasure to encounter next month of defeat plan hopeful
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Dispatch of network of Chinese Buddhist news on August 6, pay a debt of gratitude greatly the chiliad iron letter that palace of temple relics ground comes up out of land is formal open, the fine gold that archaeology personnel discovered to epitaph place carries tower of king of Yo of Jin Qibao A. This one discovery lets people more be certain, the Buddhist emperor content such as all the true bone of “ Buddha top that the record on epitaph stores inside pagoda, emperor Buddhist relics and ” of inductive Buddhist relics. Nevertheless, how to take out pagoda to become a difficult problem that is placed before archaeology expert. Nowadays, two many months went, the extraction that iron cases does treasure job make progress how? When can the treasure of the account in epitaph see light again?

According to epitaph account, the Tibet inside iron case has Buddha to carry Buddhist relics of true bone, Zhu Sheng and 10 inductions Buddhist relics on the head, if what carry,belong to solid, these rare world jewellery hide inside the pagoda of fine gold gold that discovers inside iron case. However, this up to now the tower of king of Yo of 7 treasure A with the biggest bodily form on the world, made very big trouble to job extraction treasure however.

Assistant dean Xi Sancai tells the Nanjing museum that has shared work of iron case open the reporter, because pagoda bodily form is too big, the leaf of pediment broadleaf plant with mid tower blocked iron to case closely, and after the brocade course of wrap up pagoda immerses all the year round, also be together with adhesion of iron case wall. No matter “ is case of pagoda, iron or brocade, it is precious cultural relic, cannot because of take a tower and destroy other two cultural relic, this also makes plan extraction a tower does not come down surely tardy. ” Xi Sancai says.

Manage office director Cao Zhijun to introduce according to cultural relic of bureau of Nanjing city cultural relic, current “ takes cent of treasure job ” to be two phase, it is to be in above all do not damage the premise of cultural relic falls, pagoda and iron case depart, nanjing city museum already signed an agreement with dawn machinery plant, undertake by latter the technology tackles key problem; If can take out pagoda smoothly, will be opposite by team of city rich archaeology next A Yo Wang Dajin analyses research all right, make final “ take treasure plan ” .

As we have learned, in the agreement of city rich and dawn factory, the job with tower separate letter plans to will be finished at next month. Nevertheless, cao Zhijun tells a reporter, this deadline is not ” of “ dead command, “ if the expert of dawn factory found appropriate extraction method, can take out pagoda smoothly best of course; Without evolutional word, the expert that can seek other industry again drafts extraction plan afresh. ”

About the method with tower separate letter, each expert already had had for many times before this discuss, use hydraulic press to carry a pagoda on the head after iron case bottom punchs a hole for instance, or be in iron case parietal pagoda receives a body to be in incision …… not to pass, these methods should destroy iron to case without an other place, because this is eliminated one by one. According to reporter understanding, after taking over “ to take tower job ” , dawn factory held water technically to tackle key problem group, already finished pair of iron case to detect, say to wait for pre-construction to work again. Current, tackle key problem the group is putting endoscope iron case floor in the attempt, observe the adhesion condition of iron case, brocade and pagoda, inspect next 3 person between the close together degree that depend on makes extraction plan.
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