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Hand dweller contends for real image of the fruit on strange tree of dragon pool
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“ of dispatch of network of Chinese Buddhist news grows curiosity is especially! ” yesterday morning, look before clump of temple of pool of dragon of not little Chengdu cultivates the dweller of the village to surround in to blame a tree curious: This village before building of one workshop dormitory, on a 3 meters many tall fruiter, the ties went the fruit like hand.

This “ cultivates ” to growing to take dentate green leave quite, the white floret that carries scent slightly sets off one another among them, the thorn that has 1 centimeter long still grows on its limb. Young canvass looks, the green fructification that has volume of a few fist grows on branch, ten classification seem a person and the five fingers of approach, the finger that is it only has 15. Break fructification gently, can hear the flavour that sees similar lemon.

Cultivate master Zhang Bo to introduce, the tree had planted 78 years, do not know to establish a name all the time, blossom every year before, but never had writtened guarantee if really, this year first time result, discover fructification grows so that resemble hand unexpectedly. See there still is a fruit tree on the side of the tree, the citizen guesses, two trees strung together a flower, the gene that lets this tree mutated. This I had seen “ . ”79 year old after the old person sees Fan Zongquan, say, this kind of tree is similar to orange of sweet-scented osmanthus, control, it is ornamental plant. “ seems to call blessing birthday mandarin orange, although also call mandarin orange but do not have pulp basically, cannot eat. Subsequently the reporter is taking ” this strange fructification visited academy of sciences of aricultural of the Chengdu City, before the staff member is like, just introduced, this kind of tree is called fingered citron, yun Xiangke, inside the Chengdu City not common, country of origin is in Zhejiang Jin Hua, also call Jin Fo the hand so, it is ornamental plant, can offer potted

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