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Exquisite Buddhist Dharma good power supplies
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Seven Tibetan Buddhist worship Jane in "The Interpreter sets the name of" Volume goes: "Where there are two kinds of Buddhist Qibao, one by seven treasures, both seven Vang Pao." White elephant treasures: as big as in the body, mild personality , as advocated by Buddhism, Buddhism, said a white elephant treasure of God. Sheng Marble: This horse saddle bridle belt, back pack Sarah, said that Buddhism spread far-reaching, smooth sailing. Porcelain figurines are applied pastels, with openwork, tick birds and other production techniques, the main base and the seat can be separated, and the whole was not a firing, but after firing bonding forming sub-components. The colorful, graceful and elegant, vivid image. Beautiful time of the Qing Emperor Qianlong to make, are kiln works. Fujian Shun Yuan Sheng Jixiang Stationery Co., Ltd. is a development, production and sales as one of the lucky stationery business. Supplies to carry forward the theme of Chinese traditional culture, Buddhism combined with modern high-tech technology transfer by, to create high-quality craft boutique. The Centre has its own one IC bonding workshop, an electronic assembly plant mainly produces electric prayer wheel, light and turning round, hand prayer wheel, prayer wheel moving fire, hand twirling prayer wheels, electronic Buddha machine, there is a major production workshop resin Buddha statues, glass statues, alluvial gold statues, bronze statues and a number of auspicious cultural goods, Shun Shing Although the business circle, but its like, not just sell products, but also in promoting a kinds of cultural, rather than to seek Italy, only willing to help good deeds, or carry forward the spirit of Buddhism.

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