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Essential oil industry development prospects in China
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Essential oils have been two thousand years, because of its high price, mysterious and wonderful functions, the royal family has always been a luxury for aristocrats enjoy, it was known as "soft gold." Essential oil of the main Market in North America, Western Europe and Japan, these markets account for about 80% of the global market, with sales up to 136 billion U.S. dollars, other countries and regions consumption low. According to an internationally renowned brand essential oils latest research for the Chinese market, China's current capacity of up to 800 billion cosmetics market, and which essential oils are not even 1% of the share to. In fact, China has always Fragrance industry is a major world supplier, but in essential oil production and consumption has been in the absence of the state, many small manufacturers eager to snatch the short-term benefits, essential oils cause confusion in the market in China. The In contrast the consumer market, although huge potential, but form a single, consumer awareness and brand is not strong. It is understood that, for some time, consumer spending for oil products are mostly concentrated in the professional SPA Hall, skin care sites Etc., but most of the relevant oil brands rely on the sales of these specialized places. From this perspective, the essential oil products because of its own product characteristics and consumers resulted in their limited knowledge of the consumer market in China The status quo. As China's economy continues to sustainable development, especially in a country of many second-tier cities continue to grow, creating a large number of high-income class, has a strong middle class spending power. As a result of the pressure surge Consumer awareness of the conversion and upgrading the quality of life factors such as demand, oil consumption has started a professional out of the traditional place counters in shopping malls, boutique shops and even a small shop, oil products at your fingertips, from the And more to promote consumer understanding of the essential oil products. From the experience of European and American markets, essential oil products generally account for about 30% of the cosmetics market. Inferred essential oil market has great potential in China and with China's sustained rapid economic growth in this market will be Growth rate of 5% of sustainable development. China's fast-growing market essential oils naturally attracted the attention of the international well-known brands, they have to enter the Chinese market, FENNI (Finland laying), L'Occitane, Fruits & Passion, have hope in the Consumer awareness of the country's newly formed consumer when the first to occupy the international brand image, to seize the largest market share. Recent industry news reports, the Italian FENNI (Finland laying) brand, a special brand of charm to do essential oils have a well-known listed companies with a strategic cooperation, to fully explore the essential oil market in China, Jointly for the Chinese market and the characteristics of creativity proposes a 3-5 year lead in channel partners business model leap, China essential oil industry has set sail!

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