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High-pressured report Ji escapes from death
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Police says, yesterday morning 8 when the left and right sides, the car of grouting of a cement of company of bless prosperous company reachs Taipei city loose Jiang Lu 259 alley the thirty construction before date, there is fort of worker Peng Xian at that time (thirty years old) , lin Moli and Lin Zihui of this company proprietress are in the spot.

Say to police according to Linmoli, after Peng Xian fort secures fill mud car first, lift namely the extend arm that carries slop, inadvertent strand electrical wiring of a high pressure, scintilla of electrical wiring of whole at that time high pressure 4 splash, give out blare, in the Peng Xian that operates on the ground fort is killed to be in by report on the spot the spot, lin Zihui and he sees state, go also be being fainted by Ji instantly when rescue Peng virtuous fort.

When accident happening, fang Qiuqi wears woman of 26 years old a ○ 14, 742 light-duty engine are transient, the high-pressured electrical wiring that also is dropped to come down is wounded. Later, report a case to the security authorities to police via around people, send wounded Lin Zihui and Fang Qiu toward emergency treatment of hospital of equestrian in the company of, among them Lin Zihui's limb and facial ministry are attacked serious injury, still defect narcosis.

After police on record is sent, company of announcement Taiwan power heads for rescue and cut off all power source around instantly, the responsibility of morality and justice of the person that although Wu Tianci of controller of company of bless prosperous company expresses to be willing,burden dead is reached, but because unwary place causes this to die,police will still be found out the criminal responsibility of 2 injuries.

After case hair, taipei city alarm Zhongshan substation applies for approval Taipei ground check is in check of photograph of Liu Shu of water of inquisitor Liu article, legal medical expert's person to walk on spot of collate homicide case, procuratorial work discovery dies this 2 injuries case is simple the unwary be caused by that belongs to an individual.

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