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槃 of kinds of big Nie tastes carnivorous chapter via 4 photographs
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When Er, bai Foyan of Jia leaf Bodhisattva: ' world honour! Feed fleshy person, should not use the meat, why reason? I see the person that do not eat the meat has great merit mind. ' leaf of Buddha assist Jia: ' be apt to be apt to! You are today can be apt to knows my meaning, the Bodhisattva that protect a law ought to so. Man of be apt to! From now only then, do not listen to sound to hear child to eat the meat. When if suffer Tan Yue,the letter is applied, should be being watched is to be like,be fed child the flesh thinks. ' Jia leaf Bodhisattva answer Bai Foyan: ' world honour! Will cloud how about not to listen eat the meat? ' ' man of be apt to! The person that the husband eats the meat, break big kind to plant. ' Jia Xie Youyan: ' Buddha why reason, listen to eat 3 kinds of clean meat than grave first? ' ' Jia leaf! It is 3 kinds of clean flesh, make gradually along with the thing. ' Jia leaf Bodhisattva answer Bai Foyan: ' world honour! He Yin cause, 10 kinds of ungodliness, and even 9 kinds kosher, and answer do not listen? ' Buddha accuses Jia leaf: ' also be gradually on business and make, should knowing is to break fleshy justice now namely. ' Jia leaf Bodhisattva answer Bai Foyan: ' will cloud how about praise cruelly oppress is cate Ye? ' ' man of be apt to! I also do not say cruelly oppress belong to for cate also, I say all sugar cane, rice, Shi Mi, cereal wheat, reach Hei Shimi, cheese, ghee to think cate. Though answer cultivate a variety of dresses, be answered cultivate person if bad color, have an insatiable desire for what is more,the rather that is cruelly oppress flavour? ' Jia Xie Fuyan: ' if Buddha makes the person that do not eat the meat, those 5 kinds of flavour: Cheese, buttermilk, crude crisp, ripe crisp, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad sesame oil, reach jar of garment of Ye of excessive of all dresses, 憍, shellfish aing jade-like stone, leather, bullion implement, wait for content so also not merit. ' ' man of be apt to! Should not be the same as those Buddhist nun Qian place sees, buddha place makes everything stand drop, each are discrepant meaning. Surprise suggestion reason, listen eat 3 kinds of clean meat; Different considers reason, break 10 kinds of flesh; Different considers reason, all all are broken, reach from the dead. Jia leaf! I from now, make all child, must not answer eat all meat also. Jia leaf! The person that its eat the meat, if if live,go, if if lie,sit, all all living creatures hear its flesh gas, all gives birth to horror. Close lion of for example somebody already, everybody sees, hear the lion smelly, yi Sheng is horrible. Man of be apt to! Be like person eat garlic, smelly dirty abhorrent, yu Ren sees, hear smelly abandon, the person that set vision, still not be about to inspect, besides when close. All person that eat the meat also answer so, all all living creatures hear its flesh gas, all is all horrible, unripe Wei thinks to death, terraqueous sky has life and so on all right, all abandons go, xian Yan this person is mine complain. Hereat Bodhisattva does not review eat the meat, to spend all living creatures, show eat the meat now, although show,feed, do not feed actually. Man of be apt to! So Bodhisattva, feed kosherly still still do not feed, besides should eat the meat? Man of be apt to! The boundless after my Nie 槃 is 100 years old, 4 sages all answer Nie 槃 , after execute destroys, at resembling a law in, should have than grave, appearance resembles holding ferry, read Song classics less, have an insatiable desire for food of be addicted to, long raise its body, body place bedding and clothing is clumsy and filthy, appearance is gaunt, without have power mind. Put livestock flocks and herds, load firewood grass, the head needs claw to send all to all grow profit, although take cassock, be just as chasseur, fine inspect creep, be like feline wait rat, often singing is character: I get arhat. All many disease are bitter, mian lies dung dirty, virtuous kind shows outside, the bosom has an insatiable desire for envy inside, if suffer dumb law Brahman,wait. Real blame Sramana, show Sramana resembling, unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease sees flaming, calumniatory execute. Wait for a person so, destroy Buddha place to make religious discipline, going impressive manner, say unfixed fruit, from kosher law, reach very dark secret bad religion. Respective and optional, say classics law instead, and making is character: Buddha all listens my eat the meat. Autogenous this is talked, character is Buddha says, each other criticizes sb's faults frankly in all bring a case to court, saying severally is Sramana Shi Zi. Man of be apt to! When Er answer all Sramanas wait, lay aside gets together unripe cereal, suffer take fish, the hand is made oneself feed, hold shoe of lid of the bottle that hold oil, treasure, change. Be close to kingly, chancellery, better, occupy photograph constellation, write physician's skill frequently, a variety of shellfish of jade of Po of tiger of pearl of agate of coloured glaze of raise slave slave-girl, bullion, car canal, glass, coral, a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center aing jade-like stone, fruit vegetables. Learn all skill art, painter mud is made, educate book teacher and student, cultivate a root to grow, unreal of cuss of path of a legendary venomous insect, and combine all drug, the ability that make initiate is happy, sweet Hua Zhishen, chu cattail go, learn all fine. If have,can leave than grave so all evil things person, should saying is a person true my child! ' Bai Foyan of Xiefu of the Jia when Er: ' world honour! All comparing mother-in-law of a place of strategic importance of mother-in-law of the grave, Buddhist nun that compare grave, actor, actor smooths, live because of him, when be like beg to feed, get miscellaneous meat, why must be the cloud fed, should kosher law? ' Buddha character: ' Jia leaf! When with bath, make be fastened with the flesh, feed therefore next. If its are fed implement the place that it is the flesh corrupt, but make insipidity, listen with innocent. If see the person that there is the flesh more in feeding, criterion not merit, all all showing the flesh should be not fed, the person that feed is displeased. ' [language interpret] 槃 of kinds of big Nie tastes Buddha of report of Bodhisattva of leaf of carnivorous chapter Jia via 4 photographs: ' world honour! Not should alms giving flesh kind give the person that has the flesh, why? Because do not eat the meat,have great merit mind. ' Buddha highly praises Jia leaf Bodhisattva to say: ' very good and very good! You understand the intention of Buddha really, the Bodhisattva of power of Buddha of shield and sustain should resemble you same. Man of be apt to! Since today, I must not sound hears child to eat the meat. When accepting donation of letter numerous food, should watch the pork that thinks food is like oneself children. ' Jia leaf Bodhisattva excuse me Buddha: ' world honour! Why don't you allow child to eat the meat? ' Buddha replies: ' because eat the meat,can break compassionate seed. ' Jia Xie You says: ' why does previous Buddha allow to eat not to see than grave kill, do not hear kill, not doubt is oneself 3 kinds of when kill clean flesh? ' Buddha replies: ' these 3 kinds of clean flesh, it is to follow write different item predestined relationship gradually formulate. ' Jia Xie You excuse me Buddha: ' why flesh of 10 kinds of ungodliness, reach 9 kinds of kosher flesh, must not eat? ' Buddha tells Jia leaf a term applied to a kindhearted person: ' also be to follow write different item predestined relationship gradually formulate. Should know at the outset formulate when these commandment, already clear declare the argumentation of a speech or essay that cannot eat the meat. ' Jia leaf Bodhisattva report Buddha: ' why is Buddha praises fish and flesh cate? ' Buddha replies: ' man of be apt to! I never had said fish and flesh are cate, I say sugar cane, unpolished rice, honey, all corn, black candy, cheese, ghee is cate. Although say to want to prepare the dress that all sorts of circumstances wear, but the color of every kinds of dress must gloomy not bright beautiful. The dress that wear cannot be paid attention to, what how eat is corrupt instead write fishiness flesh taste? ' Jia Xie You says: ' Buddha is like formulate to must not eat the meat, 5 kinds of food such as that cheese, buttermilk, crude crisp, ripe crisp, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad sesame oil also ought not to eat, and the article such as household utensils of garment of all sorts of dresses, silk, jade, leather, bullion also ought not to be accepted. ' Buddha says: ' man of be apt to! Your opinion ought not to resemble the Buddhist nun Qian child the way outside naked form is same, buddha formulate all commandment, each have different sense. Because the meaning is different, allow to eat 3 kinds of clean meat before, must not eat a person to wait for flesh of 10 kinds of ungodliness like oxen and hores-beeasts of burden. The meaning is different nowadays, predestined relationship is mature already also, jia leaf! Set child since now: All phyletic flesh, no matter homicide or nature die, uniform must not eat. Jia leaf! Have fleshy person, go to sit in daily life in lying, all all living creatures smell his odour, can produce horrible heart. Stand by the lion like somebody, add on the body write leonine fishy smell, someone else contacts this individual, smell leonine fishy smell, also can give birth to horrible heart. Man of be apt to! Eat garlic like somebody, flavour is fishy, other smells, keep away from immediately, smell far, did not want to look, stand by what is more,the rather that. The person that has the flesh also is such, all all living creatures smell the breath on his body, horrible heart of death fears since the meeting. No matter the sky flies, of water middle reaches, onshore all animals that take leave rapidly, think this person that has the flesh is their personal enemy. Accordingly, bodhisattva did not have fleshy habit, change all living creatures to spend and show eat the meat now, although show,eat the meat now, did not eat truly actually. Man of be apt to! Bodhisattva does not eat even kosher food, go eating the meat what is more,the rather that! Man of be apt to! The course after my Nie 槃 is made old, 4 fruit sage also enters Nie 槃 . After execute destroys, in resembling a law, can have become a monk or nun than grave, be sanctimonious seems to maintain Buddhist monastic discipline, do not read Song classical, corrupt write food in order to raise a body. Wear write deformed malformation, the appearance is gaunt, devoid impressive manner. Chop material mow, raise flocks and herds, stay write hair beard, fingernail is long and keen. Although wear,write cassock, gaze around commonly like the hunter however on foot, be like a cat to look for mice. Constant mouth gives crazy talk: I get A arhat way. The body is sickish suffering, sleep in dirty place, appearance resembles virtuous charitable person, the heart is full of concupiscent jealousy however, be like get the way outside holding those who stand language drop. Reveal a photograph, but not be person of cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine, unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease knows unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease to see, calumniatory execute. This kind of person destroys the commandment of Buddha formulate and impressive manner, say to deviate from kosher law, also can get unfixed fruit, rot Buddha teachs natural science clinkingly very greatly. Law of conversed explanation classics, say Buddha allows us to eat the meat, him bullshit, say the instruction that is Buddha however. Argue each other, each is avowed it is true Buddhism becomes a monk or nun than grave. Man of be apt to! That moment has a family more, store commissariat, accept cruelly oppress to wait make offerings to, the hand takes oily bottle to boil dish to cook. The head wears treasure hat, the foot wears leather shoes, close and kingly chancellery, house distinguisheds family. Occupy photograph divination, watch astronomy stars, see geography geomantic, write medical skill frequently, raise slave slave-girl. Collect the treasure such as Po of tiger of pearl of agate of bullion coloured glaze, car canal, glass, coral, Bi Yuke shellfish, plant the crop such as fruit vegetable, learn a picture to learn all sorts of skill such as sculpture art. Or the education that write a book, him advocate academic; Or plant tree of flowers and plants, happy affection raises a gender; Or the magic that put a legendary venomous insect, bite off own head. Or and add up to all sorts of medicaments, make song write music, wear fragrant flower personally, daub perfume, gamble play chess, learn all sorts of clever craft to wait. Become a monk or nun a variety of evil things that can be far from above place to say than Qiu Re, just be my true child. ' Buddha of report of Jia Xie You: ' world honour! Than mother-in-law of the grave, Buddhist nun that compare grave, actor mother-in-law of a place of strategic importance, actor smooths 4 numerous child, accept make offerings to, or give family to be fed to beg of child is in the home support oneself, in suffer when offerring, if meal is medium impure flesh kind, how should handle ability to accord with kosher law? ' Buddha replies: ' ought to winkle flesh frequency, the meal bathe of the others, until just can eat without fleshy flavour. If earthen bowl was infected with fleshy flavour, bathe drops flavour, ability can install water to install food. See there are a lot of fleshes in the food of alms giving, should not accept make offerings to, if accept,will eat, it is the act that violates religious discipline. '
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