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Law of cause and effect
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Do not eliminate

Cause and effect can transform, should not it seems that truth of power of Buddha, power of Buddha is to tell because have,have if really, law of cause and effect is not eliminated, why do you say cause and effect can transform? Yes! Law of cause and effect cannot be eliminated, there also is a Ji to say in classics: ' if 100 thousand disaster, place work does not die, when predestined relationship can meet, fruit newspaper still suffers oneself. '

The meaning is to say: If spent the time with 100 thousand long in that way disaster, the crime that each one place makes job won't be eliminated; Because of,should know with of fruit among have ' predestined relationship ' , when meeting because of be being met with the predestined relationship, fruit newspaper or oneself want to suffer.

  Not countervail

If past do evil is very much, make a lot of be apt to come now is countervail impossible also? Yes! Be impossible! Because law of cause and effect is cannot can of countervail, be apt to has cable of be apt to, sow the wind and reap the whirlwind, it is certain sense, be just like a land to go up to be planted at the same time next melon are planted, also plant next beanses are planted, melon is planted in the future give birth to melon certainly, the beans is planted give birth to a beans certainly, melon is to won't eliminate a beans, the beans also won't eliminate melon.

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