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Slaughterous definition and limits
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In principle says, the centre of gravity of ahimsa give up is in do not commit murder, so, homicide is felonious, killing other animal is minor offence. All living creatures is admittedly uniform and equal, but only the mankind can make evil trade (or call black line of business) , and fall for ghost or issue hell; Also can build line of business of be apt to (or call white trade) , and hall of be raised to the skies, give 3 bounds and even Yu Chengfo; Other all living creatures, except few special case, both neither knows kind, also do not know evil why thing, get the natural act of the newspaper along with course of study only, and those who do not have intention is artificial inside. So, the person is to implement, the person can be only ascetic, and can great path, accordingly, buddhist monastic discipline is killed is with be not being killed the person is essential.
Homicide must have 3 requirements: One, knowing is a person, 2, plot beforehand and have kill read aloud, 3, kill; Otherwise, be called harm or error, do not become homicide. As to the person, be no matter the age, gentle and simple, no matter figuration or not figuration, have know or ignorant, the person that every is sure to be a person, neither can be killed. So, must not abort, also must not treat the plant person that he is begged dead or already did not have self-conscious consciousness with the items of euthanasia; Otherwise, it is homicide. Consult at this o'clock please " the buddhism that believing " and " life " thirtieth 6 period editorial.
Reach at present till, the donation of organ of human body of appeal of medical treatment group and move give, for instance of canthus film, kidney and other viscera donate, it is the human body that will not use capacity, local make its renascent, this is the job that is worth to encourage. If be in,donate before one's death, had obtained donator of course agree, even if transplant after die, the person that also must procure death beforehand before one's death agree, the person that die otherwise still has to remains a minute of cling to and clinging, hate reachs the be angry that can cause him complain anger, the line of metempsychosis be apt to that affects him even or the whereaboutldirection toward unripe Sukhavati.
The person that dies naturally, normally at 12 hours in, divine knowledge did not leave, still have partial perception. Judge the person that has died from medicine, look from the viewpoint of Buddhism, may not already died truly; But if establish next words of the deceased, donate an organ, to save another person or the life of several people, this is the Bodhisattva travel that sacrifice oneself helps a person, accordingly, if before one's death establish has last wish, organ of transplanting human body is become unchallenged.
In our daily life, to maintain an environment healthful reason, must handle cockroach, fly, ant, mosquito, wait for a problem as to mice therefore, this already had existing model in Buddha world. Should compare grave people bathroom, piscina was not used as a result of much day, give birth to small bug completely, be in charge of clearing than grave, do not know how to be handled, buddha says: ' remove foul water, clean bathroom. ' say than grave: ' can hurt bug! ' Buddha says: ' do not be bug, be to clear bathroom. ' feel relieved than grave then. This example is to say to safeguard the sanitation of human surroundings, give clear clean, the purpose is kill and wound bug kind, accordingly, do not calculate kill. Of course, must not kill insect with medicaments eject, can in order to clean, clear, alexipharmic means will prevent and cure or retreat treat bug is entered formicly and breed. If the environment often keeps orderly, the condition with cleanness and perfect disinfection, even if have worm formic, also won't too much.
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