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Buddha says increase of ahimsa of classics of talk of industry of 10 be apt to
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Er Shi Shizun announces talk of the Dragon King: ' all all living creatures, the heart considers different reason, the Yi Yi that make trade, have all interesting cycle by hereat. . . . . . The Dragon King! If leave,kill unripe, must make 10 ways leaving angry namely, what kind is 10? One, apply at general of all all living creatures dauntless. 2, often have big kind heart at all living creatures. 3, always break all be angry Hui bad habit. 4, often do not have disease personally. 5, life is long-term. 6, constant is guarded for impersonal place. 7, often do not have nightmare, bedroom becomes aware happy. 8, destroy except complain a knot, numerous complain from solution. 9, without evil way fear. 10, the life is lifetime day. Be for 10. ' [language interpret] Buddha says Buddha of interest of ahimsa of classics of talk of industry of 10 be apt to tells the Dragon King: ' since all all living creatures enchanted read aloud different, artificial buccal course of study and body job are different also, because this has 6 metempsychosis. . . . The Dragon King! If can be far from,kill unripe, can accomplish 10 kinds comfortable the method that did not trouble. Those 10 kinds? The first, to all living creatures of depressed fear, often can give comfort. The 2nd, constant meeting has compassionate heart to all living creatures. The 3rd, break forever hate bad habit except all be angry. The 4th, often protect healthy, bitter without disease. The 5th, life is long-term. The 6th, often ghosts and gods is protected in the dark. The 7th, night sleeps not to become nightmare, awake by day joy does not have care. The 8th, with the enmity of all all living creatures Chou Ziran is dissolved. The 9th, tartarean without indulge in, ghoul, brute the 3 trouble of evil way. The 10th, the life is gone to eventually unripe sky. '

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