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Change the big campaign of destiny catastrophe
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Gu Yun: ' suitable Tian Zechang, go against a day to die. ' ' the big De Yuesheng of heaven and earth, the highway of Buddha says kind. ' Buddhist monastic discipline kills free captive animals, make works of God, all terraqueous all living creatures, each is in his proper place, leisurely and carefree comfortable, each are carefree true, each use up natural span of life, solution you body goes up to the sky the great mind of exceedingly, buddhist monastic discipline kills free captive animals, make everybody long raise compassionate heart, it is the highway of force travel Buddha!

Current world chaos caused by war frequents, catastrophic be overflowing with, at a draught typhoon, earthquake, at a draught water adj/LIT wide, fire, plus combat readiness competes between country and country, mutual clamour, once nuclear war erupts, the mankind is civilized commit to the flames! Want to know war to rob greatly, all be the mankind those who give birth to countless to cause is kill since tired disaster in all be caused by of course of study. Kind suffers cloud of Ji of a Buddhist monk: ' kill more on the world unripe, have war disaster then, negative life kills your body, owe money to burn you curtilage, disperse your wife, ever defeated his den, nemesis comparatives each, wash ear to listen to Buddha to say. ' Gu Yun ' be about to know the war on the world to rob, but door audition massacre is midnight sound ' , ' be about to get worldly without arms disaster, unless all living creatures does not eat the meat ' . The path of rescue, yin Guang's Great Master tells clearly: ' the war on the world robs greatly, all good by popular feeling kill be caused by. Everybody give up kills free captive animals, criterion Quan Jici Bei loves everybody the heart of content, and war disaster carry, also eliminate at oneself aeriform, the absolutely big campaign that this move world carries also, look at old politician greatly, big educationist, big farming project home, notice hereat, force is advocate, have absolutely big effect surely. '

Buddhist monastic discipline kills free captive animals, below public morals day, the end law that human nature dies out now, solid bilk intentional person force to be advocated all right. Everybody sends big Bei heart, buddhist monastic discipline kills free captive animals, make all of ghosts and gods of heaven and earth all content of Min my love is protected unripe sincere, criterion world disaster natural disaster, can transfer oneself, heavy newspaper suffers gently, take a turn to be out of danger, if cannot avoid, can depending on this merits and virtues, toward land of unripe west ecstasy, be unhappy!

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