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Imprint ancestor aphorism
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Yin Guang's Great Master is in " book of answer I monk " Ceng Yun: ' those needs period at no risk at all. Free captive animals of Fang Ken travel. Criterion this age person uses up give up of birthday neither travel to reduce the issue of free captive animals. Its person breasts surely in the future 10 thousand can save without one person oneself at checkmate also. Ai Zai is painful. ' imprint ancestor place character, it is one of all personages that obstruct criticizes free captive animals now big aphorism. If must captious, requirement no risk at all just agrees the word of free captive animals, so you also will seek the opportunity that is less than free captive animals forever all one's life. Obstruct criticizes family free captive animals, its fault is equal to kill unripe, because other people is potential the language of spare time of an idle talk because of you, and cancel the intention that broke free captive animals, by tens of thousands substance life at this point and break lost lease of life. Cause and effect is clearly trenchant, of a bit accurate. Once one day jeopardy of these person meet with, the life is in dying when, surely also other people of obstruct of leave no stone unturned helps someone you, this is inevitable and very reason.

After thinking of the holder that reachs nowadays to criticize disparaging obstruct free captive animals, degenerate the end that gets a reply, can't help be its n wailful! Wretch! Still do not turn round at once arousal, mend one's ways confess, before prospective hell kills newspaper of fruit of course of study show, that moment regretted to have not enough time!

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