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Interlocution of free captive animals
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Ask: What is called free captive animals?

Answer: Free captive animals sees the alien all living creatures that has life namely, be captured be caught be closed to be killed, consternation, the life is in dying during, heart of have a heart, buy content to save atone for, a kind of behavior that gives rescue is released!

Ask: Why to want free captive animals?

Answer: Say simply, free captive animals is repay a debt, since returning this life for many generations inside our place of countless reduce debt.

Want to know punitive justice, a bit accurate, guilty sign up for surely, debt is returned surely, what we make this life reduce debt already countless, more what is more,the rather that tired disaster is much more unripe! So we want actively free captive animals, save atone for life, repay old debt, with period destroy blame disappear faults, remove trade barrier!

Ask: What works does free captive animals have?

Answer: The boundless beneficence immensity of free captive animals, countless, lift its gist narrate simply to be as follows:

(one) rob without war, absolve a war to kill disaster.

(2) macrobian, healthy, little affection.

(3) avert natural disaster unexpected calamity, without all disaster.

(4) descendants acting Dai Changcheng, unripe be born not to cease.

(5) much child appropriate male, what beg go well!

(6) Guan Luheng is connected, be plain sailing!

(7) happy gas is lucky, the four seasons is quiet.

(8) the Shi Chou that see loss, all evil eliminate, carefree.

(9) heart closing a day, suitable Buddha makes, content kind be thankful, Zhufo jubilates.

(10) unripe sky, enjoy without extremely blessing, if hold long Sukhavati concurrently, can go to continuously unripe west Elysium.

Ask: What change can oneself have after free captive animals?

Answer: Free captive animals can grow the compassionate heart that raises us. We let experience works of God in process of free captive animals rate is all equal, all have a feeling, all have Buddha sex, all can become the truth of Buddha, make us compassionate look upon each life and esteem is cherished! Kill Ru Su in the give up in the life thereby, protect unripe help a person, all evil not make, numerous be apt to is pursued, with everything of world of compassionate heart look upon.

Want to know Buddha heart is compassionate heart, grow when us raise mercy, heart and Buddha close, zhufo jubilates, nature is handed in easily with Buddha induction path, nature of line of business of line learning Buddha is accomplished easily!

Ask: The person that why objects criticizing free captive animals now is very much?

Answer: Free captive animals is the easiest disappear estate block, go easily simply, want to send a heart only, at any time and place, one person much person, fund much money is little, OK free captive animals. because of free captive animals such different is gotten the better of, since tired disaster is much more unripe, we the enemy creditor of how many, the path outside demon is not willing we remove trade barrier so simply, make trade, consequently leave no stone unturned, growth is not had bright, promiscuous seeing and hearing, confuse the people's minds, obstruct people free captive animals.
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