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Big Buddha carries an arris on the head to father to reduce the meat via Buddhis
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' A is difficult! All worlds 6 all living creatures, its heart is not killed, criterion not add of photograph of therewith life and death. You write secret, give dirt work originally, kill a heart to be not divided, dirt cannot go out. Even if have many wisdom, before buddhist shows surely, if be killed ceaselessly, fall surely divine way. The person of top grade, for energetically ghost; Taste in it is flight hideous, all ghost are handsome wait; Inferior should go for the ground collect Buddhist templeput on the brakes. Those all ghosts and gods, also have person numerous, each call severally, into clinking path. I destroy after spending, in end law, many this ghosts and gods, flaming is worldly, feed the flesh to get bodhi way from character. A is difficult! My making eats 5 clean meat than grave, this flesh all my superhuman strength is changed unripe, do not have life root originally. Your Brahman, ground much steam is wet, try Sha Shi, careless dish is not unripe. I with big Bei, superhuman strength place is added, because of big mercy, anonym is the flesh, you get its taste. How Buddha destroys after spending, eat meat of all living creatures, the name is Shi Zi. Your should know! It is the person that eat the meat, even if get a heart to leave, be like 3 rub the ground, all big collect Buddhist templeput on the brakes, the newspaper sinks surely eventually abyss of misery of life and death, be not Buddha child. So person, kill swallow, feed not already, why is the cloud the person reachs 3 bounds? You teach common people to repair 3 rub the ground, second break kill unripe, it is a Buddha first Buddha world honour the 2nd decision is kosher Ming Hui. Hereat A is difficult! If be killed ceaselessly, repair the person that buddhist is decided, for example somebody fills in oneself its ear, cry loudly, ask for help is not heard, the name such as this is desire concealed cover dew. Kosher than grave, reach all a term applied to a kindhearted person, go at branch road, not Ta gives birth to grass, besides unplug with the hand. The cloud why big Bei, take flesh and blood of all all living creatures to fill feed? ' [language interpret] big Buddha carries an arris on the head to father to reduce the meat via Buddhist monastic discipline A of of kosher Ming Hui is difficult! 3 bounds 6 all living creatures, if do not rise in the heart,kill read aloud, because build,won't reduce life and death of metempsychosis of course of study. You repair Xi Zhengding, it is to want to divide without bright trouble, take off life and death, if kill,read aloud to be not divided, cannot achieve a goal. Even if wisdom is extremely tall, can come in and go out at will again buddhist is decided, if cannot be broken,divide kill read aloud, sure fall into path of ghosts and gods. Classy person, mind of magic power blessing is great, become energetically ghost. Medium, become king of flight hideous, ghost to wait. Coarse, make the land travel collect Buddhist templeput on the brakes. These ghosts and gods also have person numerous, each professes to obtain clinking path fruit. I destroy after spending, in end law, this kind of ghosts and gods is full of worldly, say to eat the meat not cloggy cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine, bodhi way can be made like. A is difficult! I let eat 5 kinds of clean meat than grave, disappear kill, do not hear kill, not doubt is oneself kill, natural death, birds and beasts takes surplus. In fact, these 5 kinds of clean flesh are I am changed with magic power now, do not have life originally, killing all living creatures is not obtained. Because of your Brahman place, land is not too dry, it is marsh wet ground, add arenaceous stone much, do not suit a plant to grow, devoid food. So I with big Bei superhuman strength, unreal transforms 5 kinds of clean meat, the follower that lets have habit eating the meat gets taste of a few flesh. How I destroy after spending, later ages child does not understand my intention, think Buddha allows to eat the meat, because this connects all living creatures that eats the meat, also professing is Buddha child. You want to know, have fleshy person, even if be repaired so that mood leaves,realize, be like deciding, already became actually big collect Buddhist templeput on the brakes, blessing signs up for drink to the dregs, will surely sink into in abyss of misery of life and death, not be true, buddha child. This kind of all living creatures, kill each other with other all living creatures devour, did not use up period, how can exceed 3 bounds again, where is unfixed life and death? You teach common people to repair Xi Zhengding, be sure to break except kill read aloud, this is I and past first Buddha world honour, success or failure of cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine of the 2nd kind of decision, Wu should abide by kosher and clear instruction surely. A is difficult! If do not have give up to reduce employment, repair buddhist and deciding conceivably, resemble somebody him plug cry loudly after ear, hope people does not listen the absurdity like, this is called deceive oneself, want to conceal expose instead however. Kosher reach all a term applied to a kindhearted person than grave, walk in alley, to cherish imperceptible all living creatures, the foot does not step green grass, the hand also does not unplug. Have the person of big Bei heart, how may fill up with the flesh and blood of all living creatures oneself food?
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