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Yu Yaoju runs red-letter day of art of popular science of new Yu Yaoren
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September 17 is ” of day of popular science of whole nation of the 6th “ , that day morning, city of more than Yao was held in square of Shun north park opening ceremony of activity of ” of day of popular science of “ whole nation and first “ are new 2008 ” of section of art of Yu Yaoren popular science. Wang Dingda of vice secretary of municipal Party committee speaks on the opening ceremony, city leads Wei Limin, Chen Changfeng, Yao Guizhen to attend an opening ceremony.

Mobile spot, come from environmental protection of society of city energy resources, irrigation works society, cure society, city to learn to waited for more than 50 expert and popular science volunteer to begin conduct propaganda of popular science knowledge to reach advisory service to the citizen. To let broad new Yu Yaoren in all the light of bath popular science, share harmonious life, sponsor still just held first “ new Yu Yaoren in mobile spot ” of section of popular science art, delegate and artist use the new Yu Yaoren that comes from whole town each district to made up the way that performs oneself to perform the literary program that publicizes theme of popular science day oneself.

Wang Dingda asks in the speech various division assist it is chance with activity of ” of day of popular science of “ whole nation with concerned unit, carry out deep fulfil municipal Party committee 13 3, spirit of 4 plenary meeting, according to " compendium of quality of science of the whole people of city of more than Yao " requirement, build further all-around stereo the atmosphere of work of big popular science that change, promote whole town scientific quality of people hard, especially the scientific quality of new Yu Yaoren, cogent enhance own innovation ability, drive innovation city to build. Wang Dingda hopes worker of broad Scientists and Technologists, popular science, volunteer is devoted into actively at the same time go in activity of each popular science, produce oneself intelligence an wisdom and professional specialty adequately in the activity, help broad citizen raise scientific accomplishment ceaselessly, to advance society of our city economy to last health develops and carry out “ two achieve ” strategy to establish new meritorious service again.

Leave stage, city of more than Yao still will hold “ leave care of popular science of school of ” laborer children in blue sky together the action, send go to the countryside of film of 100 popular science and Agriculture Bank of popular science benefit to move wait for activity of series popular science.

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