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Posing as Buddhist monks and nuns fled to sell fake goods are on the spot to
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Two men and a woman to make money, posing as monks and nuns fled around selling fake Buddhist supplies, deceive people to buy their Buddhist amulets, recently, when they came to Jining City, Shandong Province is implementing a fraud, the fraud be detected on the spot . April 4, 2010 9 am, Jining City Public Security Bureau of the Communist Youth League Road any police station to patrol the entrance of a supermarket, we found that many people around the supermarket door, went to see, I saw two monks and a nuns are practices to the price of 10 yuan a talisman amulet necklace selling so-called, in order to maintain peace, many people are buying, Seeing the situation, police quickly ran past the front cross-examination, found that three people do not understand Buddhism knowledge Yigai So, the police face in front of people exposed their disguise, and the three of them back to the police station. Upon review, the three suspects illegal Hwang, Song, Mr. Kwak bought from the market to earn money for robes worn by, and then to the monks in the nearby provinces and cities as the local residents to purchase their deception talismans and watch audio and video , necklaces and other Buddhist items, they will be bought in the market sub-standard practice in the streets to sell their way to the opening of the so-called vignettes, each 10 to 100 yuan price range. Currently, the three have been detained by security.

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